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It all started with an idea

Hi! My name is Andrew Ramz and I'm the author of A Dream Come True. I love football, I'm always looking for books and good music that moves me. Thanks to music, I got the idea for A Dream Come True. I felt so inspired after listening to a beautiful song that I could perfectly see in my mind some scenes of the story. I never imagined someday I would write a book, but I felt that the story deserved to be written.

This is a story that has not been told in any book or movie. A Dream Come True is a tender story full of emotions and human closeness. I promised myself I would write the book to the best of my abilities. My objective back then was just to write the story and do something different in my life. But I never imagined it would change me forever.

I could listen to Oasis for a lifetime and I would never get bored.

Books are pure magic

Initially, I was writing the book with no excitement or passion. I was just keeping the promise I’d made to myself alive. Three months later everything changed. I made a connection with the story that made me love it. I started to enjoy writing and I started to spend most of the day in front of the computer. 

You play at being a god.

As an author, you create an imaginary world based on real circumstances that people can relate. The process of creating a story is beautiful. It requires a lot of creativity to create something unique that can deeply move readers.

You can find inspiration in many ways. But in my case, I find it in music. I feel emotionally connected to it, especially to the songs of Oasis, my favorite band. It was thanks to music that I could make A Dream Come True a roller coaster of emotions. Depending on the feeling of the chapter I was writing, I would listen to a song that made me feel the emotion I wanted to transmit. I can feel emotional or excited or happy to write a moving chapter. I've learned some songs speak to the heart and comfort the soul, which is beautiful. 

When I finished writing my book, the next step to me was to publish it in the US. There was a lot of things I didn't know about the book industry, and with time I learned a lot of useful things that have helped me to move forward. My passion for writing has increased considerably.

The winding road to publishing a novel

If I wanted a publishing house to publish my novel, first I needed to have a literary agent. In case you don't know, literary agents are the bridges that connect you to publishing houses. Soon, I learned about the ugly query letters. A query letter is usually an email you send to a literary agent in which you introduce yourself as an author and your novel. You need to include the title, genre, word length, the synopsis and the first chapter. In some cases, they ask for more.

If you have experienced this process, then you know how painful and frustrating it can be. It is not easy to get an agent. Your manuscript must be almost perfect so they ask you for more chapters. I sent my first query letter two years ago, and I never received an answer. In the beginning, it seemed weird to me. But with time I got used to it. I kept sending query letters to different agents who represented novels in my genre, but the answer was still the same. NO. This was not what I was looking for. All the negative responses were painful. It hurt. Every day I woke up with the hope of finding an email that said 'I like your story, show me more.' But everything was still the same.

 Build your future in your mind. If you can imagine it, then it can come true.

Ambition, passion and a dream is all you need

The pain and frustration made me give my best and not give up on my dream to see my novel published. I made changes to the synopsis and especially to the story. Every single day for months there was only one thing in my mind. How can I perfect my novel? I know there have been amazing debuts of authors whose books become bestsellers. So, why not be one of them? Everything is possible. 

I reflected and analyzed every single moment of the story, the characters, the dialogue, the plot, the beginning, and the end. In the end, I made massive changes to the story without taking away the essence of the story. So I can say, all those rejections made me stronger by driving me to give all of myself. I used to write from 7 am to 3 am. I had no rest. 

I never got tired because writing is my passion. I know if I give my best then my reward will be my dreams coming true. I have lots of dreams. We all do. But why they are only in our minds? Our mind is the perfect place to plan and visualize our future, but it's worthless if we don't do anything to make them come true. We need to take action and do whatever it takes to reach our goals. If it is not important you will find an excuse. If it is important to you, you will find a way.

The last query letter I sent was one year ago. I don't remember exactly what the agent said but it was probably the same answer as always. But I was sure my novel was much better than it originally was. Thinking about the rejections made me realize the first manuscript was not at its best. Finally, I decided to self-publish.

Build your own future. If you BELIEVE in yourself nothing can stop you.

On average, authors send around 85 query letters before getting an agent. We have seen authors like J.K.Rowling who was rejected several times until her manuscript was finally accepted. But I'm not the average author. I'm not Rowling. I'm Andrew Ramz and I will build my future. I can and I will.

My research about self-publishing has been intense. Again, I spent almost all day, seven days a week sitting at the table looking for information on my laptop. The thing is, I never saw it as work. For me, work is to do something that requires mental and physical effort. But mainly it is something that you don't like.

It took me months to learn about the steps necessary for self-publishing. Now, I can say I'm an expert on the field. And it was also thanks to people who have helped me to keep improving, not just in areas related to the story, but me as an author. 

Creating stories and characters and the problems they face to reach their goals is a process I love to imagine. I feel in my natural habitat. It is where I feel free. Books and writing are some of my passions in life. I love it and I want to write books for the rest of my life.  

Writing A Dream Come True was a life-changing experience. I want to share my knowledge and my passion for books with all of you. Experience comes with preparation. I do not support websites where you must pay to learn something. Knowledge must be free. If you follow my writing course, I guarantee you that you will learn, have fun, but most importantly of all, you will be able to write your novel. You can be what you want. Please, DO NOT give up. Be a WINNER. Fight for your dreams and don’t stop until you are living them!

Let's be honest, the view is better from the top, where your dreams come true.

I will share my experience with you, so you can write the novel you have always dreamed of.

Why am I creating a writing course?

I want to create a community of writers who can succeed in this industry and change the world through books. Literature is art, and it can change people for good.  

I want to help people who are struggling to write their novels. Sometimes the process is not easy. But I'll give you my hand and my experience and knowledge to help you make your dreams come true.

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