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Jaeden I

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I can't wait for you to read A Dream Come True. Therefore, I'm deciding to share with all of you the first chapters of the book. Every week I'll post a new one. I hope you enjoy them and like the story. I would love to know what you think about the story. So please, leave your comment below the chapter post.

You can play the first song of the book playlist when you find an hyperlink next to a camara symbol.

Jaeden I

Dreams and stars are the most beautiful things in life

My mommy says the deepest dreams of people shine as brightly as the stars in the sky. A star shines brighter than the rest only if your desire is sincere and pure of heart. The only way to make your dreams come true is to work hard and put into practice the four virtues: perseverance, passion, faith, and hope. Then someday you’ll fly so high that you will reach the stars.

Some people dream of being millionaires while others want to become famous or athletes. But what I want is very different from that. That’s why I have been practicing the four virtues, and I have high hopes that this night when I reach my star, my dream will finally come true.

It seems that finally, we are going to launch a rocket to stars! My best friend, Wade and I are in the garden of my house. Lying in front of us in the grass is our magnificent rocket. It’s not ready yet. But there are very few missing details.

“Remind me again, why are we doing this, Jaeden?”

“This is going to be the best night of our lives, Wade! If we manage to make the rocket reach the stars, then our dreams will come true!”

I quickly kneel in the grass and begin to assemble some of the remaining pieces in the rocket. I can’t wait to see it finished! But we must hurry up, because it is getting late, and our parents won’t let us stay awake for long.

Wade stands beside me and looks at what I’m doing for a little while.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Wade asks.

“Of course!” I say, looking at him excitedly. “This is the perfect occasion to launch the rocket from the garden. There is no wind, nor are there any clouds to prevent us from seeing the stars. What could go wrong?”

“Well... uhm... the last few times it didn’t work. Maybe we should give up,” Wade says, raising his shoulders.

“The last few times it didn’t work because we missed some important details when we built the rocket from the plastic bottle. But I’m sure it will work this time.”

“I’m not sure, Jaeden. Maybe we are too young to build this water rocket. We are only nine, and this seems to be for fifteen-year-old kids,” he says, discouraged. “Maybe we should ask our parents for help.”

“No! We can do it by ourselves,” I say, getting up and putting my hands on his shoulders. “They already helped us with the most difficult part. This should be easy for us.”

“Are you sure, Jaeden?” He looks over my shoulder at the rocket and scratches his head. “Because it doesn’t really look like the picture in the book.”

“It’s because the rocket is not on the launchpad yet and we also have to put the rest of the rocket together and paint it. Let’s go, Wade.” I pull him by the arm. “I need you to help me with the last details.”

A few minutes later, the rocket is finally finished, and now everything seems to be ready for takeoff.

“It looks pretty awesome! Don’t you think?” I say, without looking away from the rocket.

“It looks incredible!” Wade looks in amazement at the rocket as if it was a Christmas present. “Finally, after days of hard work, it is done. Fortunately, we had that paint that dries fast. If not, it would have taken hours to dry!”

The rocket is made of an empty bottle of soda that we decorated and painted. The nose cone is made of a tennis ball that we cut in half and painted red. The fins are made of plastic that we also painted red, and finally, the rest of the bottle is gray. The rocket is standing vertically on a launch pad that is a small wooden table that we painted white. On it says ‘NASA.’

“You had a great idea to put some lanterns pointing at the rocket, Wade.”

“It makes it look better— as if it was a real NASA launchpad.”

“Oh, I almost forgot. Something is still missing.”

“What’s missing, Jaeden?”

I grab a black marker from the small colorful plastic table covered in cartoon stickers and start to write in the middle of the rocket.

“JW 3000?” Wade asks, as soon as I step aside.

I nod.


“I’ve been thinking about that name for a long time. I think it’s the perfect name for our rocket.”

“What’s the ‘JW’ stand for?”

“They are our initials.”

“And 3000?”

“Uhm… I think it makes it sound better,” I shrug.

Wade remains in silence for a few moments, looking at the rocket.

“What’s the matter?” I ask. “You don’t like the name?”

He shakes his head.

“I don’t like it too much... why don’t we just call it Betty Rocket? It sounds better.”

“Betty Rocket? Are you sure? It took me a long time to think of JW 3000.”

“Jaeden, that name sounds as if it were a vacuum cleaner!” he teases.

He clears his throat and begins to speak with his shrill Yoda voice.

“Say goodbye to dust with the brand new JW 3000 vacuum cleaner! It cleans the dirt in the most difficult places to reach. What are you waiting for? Call the number on the screen, and if you are one the first 50 people to call, you’ll get 30% off! We are sure you’ll be happy to have JW 3000 in your life!”

We start crying with laughter as we fall slowly on the grass.

“You watch a lot of television!” I laugh.

“I can’t help it.” Wade shrugs. “Each time Grandma comes to our house she turns on the TV and always tunes to the offers channel. So, if you are planning to buy something, I can help you to make the best buy.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll change the name,” I say, getting up. “We don’t want people to think that we launched a vacuum cleaner to the stars.”

So now it looks like this: Betty Rocket JW 3000.

“This is going to be spectacular!” I say, rubbing my palms together.

“A spectacular failure,” he says, laughing.

“Wade! Let’s have faith.”

He covers his mouth with his hand as he keeps laughing in silence.

“Okay, let’s check everything is in order before takeoff.” I pull out a little scrap of paper from my pants pocket, and then I look at Wade.

“Lieutenant Wade, are you ready?”

“Aye, aye, captain!” he says, saluting.

“The rocket has enough gas to make the journey?”

“Yes, captain! ... Wait a second. I thought it needed water,” Wade says, scratching the top of his head and looking at me, confused.

“It’s a joke, Wade!” I say.

“Oh, then yes, captain! The rocket is almost full of water as requested.”

“The garden hose is well connected to the rocket and the air pump?”

He approaches the rocket and makes sure everything is connected.

“Yes, captain! Everything is in order.”

“Wade, you don’t have to say ‘yes captain’ to everything I say.”

“Okay, Jaeden.”

“The parachute is already inside the rocket?”

He checks that it is inside the rocket and gives me a thumbs-up.

“Yes! Everything looks to be in order. But, Jaeden, how will the parachute be released if it’s inside the rocket?”

“My daddy created a mechanism this morning that will release the parachute when it starts to fall. The small door on the side of the rocket will open, and the parachute will come out. And there will be nothing to worry about because it will be a happy landing.”


“Oh, now I see... hey! I almost forgot.” He starts looking for something in his backpack that is on the grass. “Look! I brought some small glow sticks.” He shows me the little sticks in his hand. “I thought it would be a good idea if we put some on the rocket so we can see it while it’s flying.”

“That’s a great idea, Wade!”

We start to duct tape some glow sticks of different colors around the rocket. It looks incredible! In fact, it starts looking like a colorful little star. I can’t wait to see how it looks when it reaches the sky.

“Finally, the moment has arrived, Wade!” I say anxiously.

“It’s been an honor working on this with you, Jaeden.”

We shake our hands and hug each other.

“Let’s go for our parents! They must see the launch.”

We enter the house and take our parents to the garden. As soon as they see the rocket, they are surprised and congratulate us on our hard work.

Now, to make the rocket fly, somebody will need to pump air into the garden hose that is connected to the lower part of the rocket. Then we’ll pull a string so that the mechanism can release the rocket from the hose and it can fly to the stars.

My heart starts to beat faster and faster. I’m sure this will be an incredible night! Some stars begin to appear in the sky, making it look beautiful! Some are bigger and brighter than the rest. I’m sure one of those stars must be where my dream is. My mommy once told me that the sky could be full of stars if only people didn’t give up to their dreams because they think they are impossible to achieve. But I will never give up.

Wade’s dad starts pumping air into the garden hose. It takes him a little while, but finally it is ready.

“It’s ready guys!” Wade’s dad says, giving us a thumbs-up. “You only need to pull the string, and the rocket will fly.”

I turn to look at Wade, who is ready to play the special song from his father’s boombox.

“Wade, do you have the song ready?” I ask.

He nods.

I’m sure this song will give me goosebumps when we launch the rocket.

“Play it.”

“We are Barbie girls, move your hands, in the skies, and we say Barbie girls, let’s just dance all around, in one foot, in the other and jump....”

“Wade!” I look at him, surprised. “What’s that?”

“Oh, sorry. It’s my little sister’s music.” Wade quickly starts to press buttons until he finds the song.

I’d first listened to it when I was watching a very old movie with my daddy about astronauts and then the supercomputer that is traveling with them in the spaceship becomes evil, trying to eliminate the crew. Since that moment, it has become one of my favorite songs. I love the part when the trumpets and drums become louder and louder. It makes me very excited.

Finally, Wade plays the song, and we start the countdown. Each moment I feel more and more excited. When we reach zero, Wade and I pull the strings at the same time, and suddenly the rocket goes flying.

“Wow!” our parents say, and then they start applauding.

“It worked!” Wade and I yell simultaneously.

We don’t stop looking at the rocket until we can no longer see it. I’m sure it will reach the stars and finally, my dream will come true.

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