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Hello and welcome to my writing course!

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you easily imagine fictional characters and places where they interact? And do you believe your ideas can become a great story? When you look at all the great books at your favorite bookstore, the ones that you love the way they smell, do you say to yourself, "this could be me?"

But when you try to start writing a story, suddenly all that emotion fades away because the road is becoming steep and winding.

But why are you giving up? I know the road we have to take is long and difficult, but all you need is to believe in yourself. A little help from an expert is a great way to make things easier.

My name is Andrew Ramz, and I'm the author of A Dream Come True. I decided to create this blog because I want to help people to write books.

Nowadays there are endless courses online to learn to write stories, and most of them you have to pay a fee to get access to that knowledge. Why create walls if you want people to learn? Access to knowledge must be free. That's why this course I'm offering you is for FREE.

My purpose is to create a community of writers whose ideas can change the world through literature. I believe the most powerful weapon human beings have are words and these can help use create a better place to live.

When I was writing my novel, there was no one to help me and guide me throughout the writing process of the story. I learned how to create an emotional story through what I have seen in movies, read in books, and lived in life.

Literature is art. It's a great way to express feelings and emotions. Stories make you imagine and get inspired. Good stories make you feel sad, happy, excited, they even can make you cry. That's how powerful books are.

Writing is not that difficult. It's all in your mind. You need to believe that you can make great things. But you also need to master the ability, in this case, to write.

If you need a hand, I'll give you mine. I will teach you all I have learned during these two years while I was writing A Dream Come True.

I'm gonna give you some tips, share my experience and tell you how I did, but most of all, I'm gonna give you a push forward that you might not have otherwise had.

Through this course, I will give you the tools on how to start writing a story and develop it, how to find your voice, the process of creating the characters and the conflict, dialogue, how to create compelling and believable settings for your novel, and something I consider vital – how to find inspiration. Believe me, if you are inspired and think you can do anything, you can make great things. Wonderful and unimaginable wonders.

We will be together through this process of writing and learning how to self-publish.

Let your dreams lead you, and through passion, you can make everything you want to come true.

See you here every Monday, for my writing course.

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