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A Dream Come True by Andrew Ramz is filled with many lessons, not only for young readers but for adults as well. A young boy has been taught from early childhood that his dreams can come true and, unlike many others around him, his dream is special. He doesn’t dream about being rich nor becoming a very successful athlete, or anything in that line. Jaeden Phillips’ dream is extraordinary and his family and friends know about it. But what makes it even more compelling are the motivations that drive him. When he is at the point of realizing his dream and achieving his heart’s desire, he is diagnosed with a rare disease. Could anything be worse than this when he is so close to attaining his dream? But what happens next in the story will inspire readers.

The protagonist shares a lesson he learned from his mother as a child: “The only way to make your dreams come true is to work hard and put into practice the four virtues: perseverance, passion, faith, and hope. Then someday you’ll fly so high that you will reach the stars.” This is a beautiful and inspiring story with strong Christian themes, a story that intelligently explores the humanity of the protagonist. The author demonstrates the dynamics of family, the beauty of friendship, and the incredible power of human connection in this novel. But what makes the story fascinating is the way the author explores the theme of faith and develops the idea of divine providence — the reader will see how unfortunate situations can play a part in driving life to its ultimate purpose. A Dream Come True: A Novel by Andrew Ramz is hugely inspiring, a deeply moving story of faith and love.

Praise for A Dream Come True

A Dream Come True is a work of inspirational fiction by Andrew Ramz that shows how something really small, wrought from one person’s love, has the power to become viral.

It's a book that really can’t be read without a box of tissues at hand. Ramz has managed to get into the head of his young protagonist and convincingly convey each of his aspirations, hopes, and feelings in a way that’s entirely organic and absent of guile. Jaeden’s parents love their only child with all their hearts yet are powerless to prevent the inevitable. Their desperation and pain are palpable and it’s in Ramz’s innate ability to create living, breathing, three-dimensional characters where his writing really shines.

Emotionally evocative and a celebration of human kindness, A Dream Come True is sure to appeal to a wide audience.


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